Always Ethical Swimwear

We take this seriously here at India Bay
We believe in transparency, exceeding minimum labour standards and adding value to our community and environment
We Clean Up our Oceans
With every bikini you purchase, INDIA BAY helps clean up our oceans. 10p from every bikini purchased by you supports the work of Bali’s role foundation. This contribution comes entirely from our own profits.
 Role Foundation runs a Zero waste facility and environmental development programme in Bali. Their vision supports zero waste to oceans, sustainable businesses for coastal communities and women’s business education and development.
The Role Foundation have built 2 environmental education centres, reaching 6,429 children; giving learning and business opportunities to 1042 women, trained 31 local environmental ambassadors, ran permaculture prison programs, held multiple beach and diving clean ups, and implemented waste management systems in coastal villages.
 If you ever visit Bali, we definitely recommend a visit.
 We only use suppliers who provide exceptional working conditions.
 Our suppliers far exceed minimum labour standards in their business, production and sourcing practices.
 Our supplier pays all of their staff above award wages at up to three times the standard. They negotiate their own contract and salaries; and all are provided with comprehensive health insurance. They also provide a profit sharing scheme, where 5% of profits are distributed monthly – on top of the annual bonus (double pay in last calendar month).  
We give you the Best Eco Options
We have sourced Italian vita by Carvico. In our opinion this is the best ecological fabric for swimwear available. It is made from ECONYL, which is 100% regenerated nylon and polyester from post-consumer materials. It is impressively comfortable and durable – and has superior resistance to degradations from chlorine, creams and sun oils.