Caring For Your Swimsuits

 With summer on its way, I’m sure most of you reading this will be finding yourself at the pool. A Classic modern beach towel to get you those perfect Instagram posts, a new swimming costume and a sunny location. Sounds pretty great doesn’t it?
Our swimming costumes are stylish and well made. So please take the time to clean and care for your new swimming costume properly.
Here is our List of Must Do tasks for keeping that suit looking great for future summers.

Pre Treat

 Synthetics and chlorine are a swimming costumes worst enemies. Too bad because nothing will stop us from partying our way through a summers day at a pool party (or sunbathing trying to get the deepest summer glow we possibly can). Before you wear your swimming costume for the first time, soak it in cold water with a few tablespoons of white vinegar, rinse by hand and let it air dry. This technique should help prevent staining.
India Bay’s Biggest Top Tip for Swimming Costume care ? READ THE CARE CARD

Post Wear

 After you’ve worn your swimsuit out rinse it out. The longer the suit holds the chemicals in, it may cause damage or discolouring. As soon as you can, rinse your swimsuit with some mild soap (Hotel hand soap will do) and let it hang dry. If you’ve made the great choice of pairing your tan with a white swimsuit, this technique is even more important, without it, a white swimsuit may turn yellow. When your home from your holiday, put your swimsuit in a zipped mesh bag and machine wash it – In cool water.
Another Top Tip
DO NOT WRING OUT YOUR SUIT. Roll in a ball and squeeze but don’t wring it as this can cause the elasticated fabric to get pulled or stretched out. OR place into your India Bay personalised towel and let it soak up the excess water.
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