Whether you’re heading out for some winter sun or getting super excited for the summer, India Bay will provide you with the highest quality swimwear catering for all skin tones. 


 For those girls who want minimal tan lines, our bikini bottoms are following the 2018 ‘thong’ trend from the 2018 fashion runway. Thongs are the 'in' bikini bottom for swimwear this 2018. They aren’t complicated and they are a great way to create the ‘perfect’ butt. Whether you wear them on your hip or pulled higher on your waist they are one of the best  ways to make you look and feel sexy. Following the trend set by many of the luxury swimwear designers who have all put thong swimwear on the runway for summer 2018.


 For those of you who aspire to be a Baywatch girl, India Bay will be providing you with a new revamped sexy version with the most flattering backless swimsuit. This is a perfect swimsuit for anyone lounging around at a beach club or partying their way through the summer’s day at a pool party. This is the swimsuit to get. The swimsuit is high-rise, with a little side boob, great for getting the perfect Instagram Pic.

Pastel colours have proven popular during summer 2018 runway, some of our favourites being sky blue which would look amazing against tanned or darker skin (don’t worry, if like me, you don't tan very well, a bottle of Bondi Sands will make this perfect). Sports Illustrated, and a lot of other brands used softer shades like pastel purples, baby pinks and sky blues in their 2018 swimwear.  India Bay will be incorporating this trend into our swimwear lines, giving you the most up to date affordable fashion swimwear around. 
India Bay will be providing you with the latest trends and fit right from the runway at an affordable price. Don’t forget to top off your pool side look with our personalised initial beach towel - Launching for Pre-Order soon.
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