Anyone else need a nap RN?

Have you ever really really wanted a nap whilst sunbathing or needed something to support your back whilst you read a good book?
 Well India Bay are providing you with something that you never knew you needed.
To make the perfect set for your initial towel, we are providing a matching mini pillow.
 It doesn’t matter what kind of holiday you’re on you need this! They are perfect for any type of holiday, one where I had to get up early just to reserve the best sunbed or the ones where I’m out till 4am partying with my friends, the next day I’ll be out on that sunbed but I really need a sleep. Personally I’ve always had to use my beach bag, jumper or the hotel pillow  from the room. All of these have never been comfortable, especially the hotel pillow, the cotton pillow cases make it extremely hot, and once I’ve got wet hair from the pool, the pillow takes hours and hours to dry sometimes days.
 India Bay have created pillow cases made from the same 500 GSM Luxury Egyptian cotton towels to perfectly fit the pillows. Its breathable making it easier and more comfortable for those who have just come out of the pool. It is also quick drying, meaning the next day you’ll have a fresh pillow case to repeat your day all over again.
The towel case is personalised with your initials exactly the same way as on the towels, meaning you can have a matching set to look very classy by the pool. Or if you want to reserve those sunbeds no-one can remove your towel because technically, it’s got your name on it, but shhh.
Our pillows can be brought separately, or in a set with a towel. Either way it will really top off your beach look. I defiantly can’t wait to finally be able to have a nap without overheating.